Not Sure Where To Cast Your Line?

Not Sure Where To Cast Your Line?

Get updates on the best local fishing areas in Nacogdoches, TX

Would you like to try your hand at a fishing tournament? Do you want to check the temperature at local fishing areas? Before you try to reel in the big one, find out how clear the water is and the fishing report with updates from Tall Timber Outdoors.

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Lake Nacogdoches

"The lake level is currently 276.17 ft, which is 2.83 feet below full pool of 279.00 ft. Water clarity is about average for lake Nacogdoches (around 3 foot of visibility). The water north of the power lines has been a little..."

Sam Rayburn Reservoir

"The lake level is currently 161.17ft, which is 3.2 feet below full pool of 164.4ft. Water clarity varies depending on where your located on the lake. Generally, the south end of the lake is..."